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Medial Meniscus Tear and the effects and results of the STA (Stabilizing Therapeutic Activation) System ©


Treatment consisted of 5 sessions of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) at 2,000 shocks at 10HZ at an Energy ranging from 3.0-3.5 Bar. The treatment plan also consisted of proper STA/ Eccentric Exercises as outlined below.

HISTORY Of Physical therapy in Maywood

Patient is a 64-year-old male with complains of chronic pain and tenderness at medial right elbow after years of manual labor from work as a mechanic. Patient's pain began in October 2016 and has become worse and intolerable since. Patient reports he received a cortisone shot on 11/28/16- with little and/or momentary effect. Patient has trouble heavy lifting, performing house work, performing work duties, and occasional episodes of pain withactivities of daily living.

GENDER/ AGEFemale/42



Patient reports of sudden onset of right knee pain.

She was diagnosed by her orthopaedic surgeon with a right meniscus tear- confirmed by her MRI results.

Pain has been consistent and is worse with stairs, transfers, standing, walking and driving for long periods of time.


Patient wants to decrease pain in her knee with walking and standing through conservative means and does not want to undergo surgery.


1. To decrease pain and return to Prior Level of Function.
2. Walking & Moving Around: to Prior Level of Function without pain or difficulty, driving more than 20 miles without pain or difficulty, and standing more than 1 hour for cooking activities.



Posture forward head carriage, rounded shoulders, increased thoracic kyphosis, anterior pelvic tilt, pelvis position right iliac crest elevated, right knee valgus, tibial varum, decreased foot pronation, left thoracic rotation, left neck rotation, decrease hip internal rotation


  • Hamstring stretch PNF contract relax x6 rounds B
  • Piriformis PNF x6 rounds B
  • Glute stretch 3x30" B
  • Supine eccentric trunk rotation with TB and 10 # KB 3x10 reps B
  • Prone hip extension 1.5# 3x10 reps B
  • Prone glute kicks with ball 3x10 reps B
  • Extension lunge gliders 3x10 reps B
  • Extension lunge gliders with red megaband hip ABD 3x10 reps B
  • Eccentric adductor gliders 3x10 reps B
  • Standing Wall Squat + Adductor Isometrics at 120 deg, 100 deg, and 90 deg 3x10
  • Standing active posterior release into 12" step, 10" step, 8" step 3x10"
  • Psoas active release off the table 2x10 reps
  • Psoas PNF stretch 2x5 reps 5" hold
  • Prone glute kicks with ball x15 reps B
  • Bridge with blue TB hip ABD 2x10 reps B
  • Bridge with blue TB and eccentric lowers 2x10 reps
  • SLR with eccentric ADD lower 3x10 reps B
  • Standing eccentric quads with blue megaband into hip extension 2x10
  • Supine 90/90 with PPT & red TB around knees, eyes closed with manual hip resistance 4x30"
  • Supine PPT with hip ext and flexion against manual variable resistance 4x30"
  • Bilateral lateral BOSU step up with band assist 3x10 ea
  • Double leg bridges with 15lb KB resistance 3x12
  • Short sit adductor stretch 3x30" each
  • S/L IR RLE 1# and ball 3x10 reps
  • S/L IR RLE in half plank 1# 3x10 reps
  • Hip CARs with ball in quadruped x10 CW/CCW Bilateral ea
  • Standing hip CAR outward 2x5 reps B SLOW
  • Prone hip extension with knee flexion against ball 3x8 bilateral
  • Sidelying Eccentric R adductor lowers 3x5 reps to tol
  • Figure 8 pelvic mobility on TBall x15 reps B
  • Trunk rotation/lumbopelvic dissociation on TBall x30 reps
  • Hip ER/IR AAROM standing x20 reps ea bilat
  • Fire hydrants with red TB 3x10 bil
  • B 8-8.5 Month Pose 3x6 2" hold
  • B Standing to High Split Transfer with Slider Assist 3x6 2" hold
  • Skin rolling R distal adductors
  • Hip PROM all directions to tol
  • STM thoracic paraspinals, B QL
  • Belt assisted R lateral hip glide, inf MWM GRII-III

Maywood PT focuses on my needs from every aspect of being there. I am well cared for and my preferences are considered with professionalism and kindness. They gently ease me into challenging exercises that are healing my pain and increasing my strength. I have renewed hope that I can improve and recover. It is possible to be so used to your pain, a negative mindset and psychological defeat because of your physical limitations. I am opened to the possibilities of improving and I have been met with gracious and capable support. Maywood PT are trend setters in their field due to the many services within their practice. I can’t say enough about Dr. Patel, Dr. Hanna, Carly, Ernest, Kaysla and Jeremy. I could go on and on about each one. The staff enjoy what they do, are charming, talented and energetic. They keep track of my improvements, setbacks and daily challenges. This consistent care gives me hope that change is not only possible, but inevitable. They have great chemistry and respect within their team which translates into a healing experience. I am grateful for their care. There hasn’t been a visit that I didn’t feel better when I left then when I came in. Thank you, Maywood PT. Your talents and success are limitless.