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Sports Injury Physical Therapy in Maywood, New Jersey

At Physical Therapy Maywood when it comes to treating athletes we try to keep the motto of being PERFORMANCE BASED, STABILITY ENFORCED AND RESULTS DRIVEN!!!

We are known to provide athletic patients with the most comprehensive and integrative approaches to help them improve their sporting abilities but also help prevent injuries from occurring while playing. Our sports physical therapy nj is a form of rehabilitation that will engage the athletes to explore the end range of their strength with the correct stability patterns and challenges to get them to the peak of excellence that they desire.

The goals of the Sports Physical Therapy program will be to:

  • To figure out the cause of the injury through a comprehensive examination
  • Give you a plan and program to completely make you aware of how to regain stability and strength post injury
  • Teach the body how to cortically prevent injuries from occurring during the sporting event
  • Performance enhancement by challenging you to different tasks
  • Eliminate pain at the source
  • Enable the body through proper function and stability to get fit and stronger
  • Increase joint mobility and ligament and muscular flexibility
  • Improve health and circulation to tissue and muscles
  • Shorten recovery time

Maywood pt patients will have individualized and comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises. Our methods will showcase how we as a team will resolve any musculoskeletal and neuromuscular injury or pain you are undergoing.

Sports injury treatment nj primary goal is to restore and correct functional movement, decrease pain and increase stability.

Sports Physical Therapy will be your non-invasive approach to help you get back on your feet. The injury that brings you into our clinic will have a specific cause and or trauma related to it.

We will evaluate your injury with acute precision and help you understand the mechanism of injury and the result of pain.

Sports Physical Therapy Injury Maywood

Comprehensive Sports Injury Treatment New Jersey

Our goal and approach is to provide patients with the best functional customized treatment plans with emphasis on personalized attention and commitment to excellence that distinguish Maywood Physical Therapy & Rehab Center as one of the premier providers of Sports Injury Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in Bergen County, New Jersey.